36. Zeshan Gondal | Zayn Capital

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Conversation with Zeshan Gondal. Investor and Head of Strategy at Zayn Capital.
The startup ecosystem in Pakistan attracted a lot of venture capital in 2021 and the first half of 2022. Unfortunately, since Q2, deals and funding have declined. 
VCs are back to doing due diligence and shaking hands. 
So, given the current economic environment, how can startups gain an advantage in fundraising? And more importantly, what should startups understand before seeking VC funding?
Zeshan Gondal joins me on this episode of the misaal podcast to answer those questions and more. He is an Investor and Head of Strategy at Zayn Capital, an early-stage VC firm with $65 million in assets under management.

VC firm: Zayn Capital - https://zayn.capital/
Host: Zahid Lilani - https://twitter.com/ZahidLilani
Presented by: Techshaw - https://techshaw.com
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36. Zeshan Gondal | Zayn Capital
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