37. Mahad Imran | Kis Uni

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Conversation with Mahad Imran. Founder of Kis Uni.
Imagine that someone you know is about to graduate from high school. You're asked what career path or university is worth pursuing.

Since you graduated from university a few years ago, things have changed. It makes you wonder what might happen if an online resource or community could help guide someone seeking advice on a major decision in their lives.

Well, according to my guest on this episode of the misaal podcast, not only can his startup serve as a guide to students, but it can also connect them with volunteer mentors who can help them at every step.

His name is Mahad Imran, and he is the founder of Kis Uni, a community of current and former university students dedicated to helping you choose the best university for you.

Guest: Mahad Imran - https://kisuni.org/

Host: Zahid Lilani - https://twitter.com/ZahidLilani
Presented by: Techshaw - https://techshaw.com

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37. Mahad Imran | Kis Uni
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